Alliance delegate calls Ferrari quotSpeaker of Lozanoquot and warns that

Alliance delegate calls Ferrari "Speaker of Lozano" and warns that they will act legally

Tito Ordóñez, Alianza Lima delegate, responded to the Universitario’s administrator following comments about the Victorian club and the television rights dispute.

The tension in the compadres grows. In the midst of the conflict over League 1 television rights JeanFerrari Deciding to comment on the recent events, he was very critical of the attitude of Alianza Lima and the other five clubs, who did not allow the entry of cameras to broadcast their respective games. With that in mind, the university administrator revealed the conversation he had had with Augustine Lozano, President of the FPF, on these issues.

“I asked Agustín Lozano a question on the subject: what would happen if the clubs didn’t allow the production of 1190? He told me, ‘Well, I’m going to have to retire my umpires and my commissioner; therefore the game would be void and not played. That’s where the gaps come from, because you don’t know the answer if it was a walkthrough,” he told Willax Deportes.

Jean Ferrari spoke about Alianza Lima.  Photo: Capture Willax.

Jean Ferrari spoke about Alianza Lima. Photo: Capture Willax.

Around, Tito Ordonez, Delegate of the Blue and White, questioned the statements made by the merengue manager and believed that he acted as spokesman for Agustín Lozano.

“What surprises us as an institution, and as Diego González Posada, President of the Blanquiazul Fund, said, is this Jean has sent us a message indicating that if the federation’s television operator does not attend, the games will be invalid; and we are surprised that he is acting as spokesman for a president as questioned as Agustín Lozano. It’s good to point out that the ‘U’ has renewed its contractual relationship with the GolPerú consortium, as has the Alianza Lima club,” he told Radio Ovación.

On the other hand, regarding Jean Ferrari’s statements about the Victorian club, Ordóñez regretted that a “media war” was taking its toll and did not rule out legal action.

“We at Alianza Lima believe that the media war will not lead to anything good and will end up causing the football system to become violent again and will take us back to the 90s. In any case, this statement by Jean (Ferrari) not only brings us back to times of burning buses, attacks on sports facilities, brawls between bars near a stadium, penalties for the stages, but it is very serious because it directly blames the entire institution to have committed illegal acts. Not only does Lima reject it, but it fully deserves legal action from our club. It’s a shame because we respect everyone and demand the same respect,” he concluded.