Aline Wirley explains the brothers’ open relationship and opinion  Splash

Aline Wirley explains the brothers’ open relationship and opinion Splash

Aline Wirley, one of the BBB 23 (Globo) contestants, spoke to Sarah Aline, Marvvila and Gabriel Santana about what it’s like to be in an open relationship she has been married to actor Igor Rickli for 8 years.

Sarah Aline: “What happened while we were sleeping?”

Aline Wirley: “High ratings for open relationships”

Gabriel Santana: “I have never lived, but I would like to”

Sara: “I would like to too, but I don’t think I can”

A line: “I’m married, I have an open relationship”

gabriel: “What the Hell Brother”

Marvila: “I think shit* but I wouldn’t have maturity. The person has to be really good.”

gabriel: “It depends, doesn’t it? There are several agreements”

A line: “Actually I’ve been with Igor for 13 years and ever since we got married we always knew things would change. That our marriage is not a conventional marriage. There are emotional needs that people and we discover change over the course of life. I am married to my best friend.”

Sarah: “I think those are also phases of life. Now I’m not even in a relationship, but I’ve always admired couples who are either married or have been together for a long time and find that freedom to understand that feeling a little bit freer, that we need different information that we have each other sometimes not featured”

Gabriel: “In a closed relationship, this is right, this is wrong, and that’s it. And then how do you satisfy your individual needs as a being in a relationship?”

Sara: “It’s complex”

A line: “It’s complex, very deep, and I get it. We are the product of a square society and we are relearning how to be included. Everything works as long as it’s happy.”

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