Aline says living with Bruno on ‘BBB 23’ is a challenge and the singer’s reactions are becoming a meme extra

Linked to Bruno since the beginning of Big Brother Brasil 23, Aline Wirley is already showing signs that she can’t take her brother’s side anymore. The singer has already appeared with her ears covered over the screams of the pharmacist. And on this morning’s xray, he called his brother a “cookie man.”

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“Bruno challenges me a lot. We’re very different. He’s very fast. I try to keep calm, watching the game. He challenges me a lot, our life together. That’s what we have. So, I’ I’ll put a cookie,” Aline said.

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The reaction became a meme on social media.

“Someone save this darling,” wrote one fan, doing a montage with Aline. “A terrible climate is being created,” joked another viewer with a picture of Galvão Bueno. “What happens when a person with a limited social battery stands next to an unlimited one,” joked another netizen.

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The singer’s official profile fell for the joke.

“She said it was a learning experience…” Aline’s administrators replied, using a video of her “passing the cloth on,” an expression used to soften something said by someone.

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