Aline Ramos  BBB 23: Discord’s first game was easy, but it will still resonate

Aline Ramos BBB 23: Discord’s first game was easy, but it will still resonate

*By Splash staff

The first BBB 23 Discord game didn’t have heated discussions like previous editions have. In the dynamic that took place on the second evening of the edition, the brothers had to choose the couples who were more and less in tune.

It was a game of slight discord, but I think it’s ideal for this moment, for this first week, precisely because stories are built and relationships are strengthened, both traits and enmities. Aline Ramos, Splash columnist

For the columnist, the first Discord game was to allow fans of TV Globo’s reality show to observe which participants were more or less strategic and who didn’t reveal hostilities.

I have a feeling that what happened in that game will resonate the next day and people who didn’t want to play will still leave, like Fred Nicácio and Marília.

ExBBB Ana Paula: Ícaro’s last soap opera was also mediocre entertainment

Host Ana Paula Renault, a former BBB 16 contestant, pinned actor Ícaro Silva. The telenovela “Cara e Coragem” (TV Globo) broadcast last week, in which the artist played Leonardo, was also “mediocre entertainment”.

Ícaro says with all letters that he continues to find the show only mediocre entertainment. He’s just done a soap opera that didn’t go down very well with audiences, and it didn’t do much for his career either. As a viewer, I can say that this telenovela was also mediocre entertainment.

By denying speculation at the end of 2021 that he would be in the BBB box in 2022, Ícaro described the show as “mediocre entertainment”, which at the time led to an exchange of blows between the actor and former reality presenter Thiago Leifert.

Now, even after declaring his support for his girlfriend Aline Wirley, a member of the booth group on BBB 23, the actor said he will continue to call reality that.

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