Alicia Machado wore banners and dazzled with her natural body at the age of 46

Alicia Machado wore banners and dazzled with her natural body at the age of 46

Alice Machado She is a Venezuelan-American actress, presenter, producer, businesswoman and former beauty queen. She rose to fame when she was crowned the 1995 winner of Miss Venezuela as a representative of Yaracuy State and received the title of World Coffee Queen in 1996. She was later crowned Miss Universe in 1996, becoming the fourth Venezuelan to receive the title of beauty.

In the same year, Alice Machado She became a US citizen through naturalization and resided in the city of Los Angeles with her daughter. This great popularity that it has is reflected in it social media because every time you make a publication, your followers react immediately.

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Alicia Machado was born on December 6, 1976 in Maracay, Venezuela.

This time was no exception recently, Alice Machado shared a few photos of her that raised the temperature of the network. They feature the actress wearing a white tank top that features transparency. This way Alice He showed that the years feel wonderful for him.

Alice Machado The 46-year-old added a voluminous message, which began: “My beautiful people here on a peaceful Sunday. A massive breakup that locks us all in? A new issue of @missuniverse with beautiful women with great social commitment, everyone please, an overanalysis of their skills and “intelligence”, what pressure?
One more anti-bullying message, and still nothing justifies being wrong? Happy to have been #MissUniverse when I was touched by an era that began to give us equality in the face of differences, but above all one could fight with strength and determination in silence and really listen to the voice of one’s conscience, excessive Opinions always hinder your development of course!”.

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Alicia Machado is one of the most popular artists on the small Latin screen.

in your account instagram The full message ended: “Congratulations to @amandadudamel You’ve done it spectacularly, you carry the support of a community that ventures into foreign lands and that’s what it’s all about, shine, emerge, advance until you reach your place”The unconditional support of the people always holds an even more powerful message and you will discover it over time – and it is meant to be a voice for those who will never be heard! Beautiful blessings and Today we are all #missuniverse The subtlety of struggle.” fights with patience and determination, loves you and yourself regardless of criticism and achieve your dreams by making your own path and your own law! Have a nice Sunday!”

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