Alice Wegmann talks about the appointment with the music producer of “Rensga Hits” and shows initiative: “It was an overwhelming thing”

Alice Wegmann talks about the appointment with the music producer of “Rensga Hits” and shows initiative: “It was an overwhelming thing”

Alice Wegmann attended UOL’s Central Splash this Tuesday (16). Speaking to Chico Barney, Aline Ramos and Lucas Pasin, the actress opened up about her relationship with Dudu Borges. The two met while recording “Rensga Hits” by Globoplay. The producer, who is one of the best known in the country, was jointly responsible for the series’ soundtrack.

“I think being in love drives us. I have a feeling that when you desire someone, when you are enchanted by someone, you want to do your best to enchant that person, you know?” began Raíssa’s interpreter. “It’s like an engine, a plus,” he said.

“Dudu came into my life and it was an adorable thing,” she reflected on her boyfriend. She explained that she thought she would be “dry” for three months while she chronicled the project until she had her first meeting with the pro. “We recorded the voices in the second or third week. I entered the studio and we (she and Dudu) started exchanging an idea. I said, ‘Wow, what an interesting face, isn’t it?'” he said. “I was focused. We first recorded the voices on the first four days and the fourth [dia], I forgot a folder like someone who doesn’t want anything so he took a picture and sent it to me. I said, ‘I forgot on purpose! I have to go get it, what do I do?’” the artist recalled.

At first the relationship was kept secret. However, at one point Alice spoke about it with Alejandro Claveaux, who plays Deivid Cafajeste in the storyline. “Everything was kept secret until one day I spoke to Alejandro: ‘Alê, I have to tell you something. I haven’t told anyone, but I need to vent. I’m sticking with Dudu, I think it’s going to be a relationship, I don’t know what’s happening with my life. For example, I came to Goiânia and out of nowhere I leave here with a friend!’” she recalled.

Alice Wegman Dudu BorgesThe two met backstage at “Rensga Hits”. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Alice wasn’t sparing in her praise for Dudu. “I admire him so much. Everything he did for our series… I think the songs are also one of the protagonists of the series, right? (…) He has a gift. Dudu knows this Brazil very well, he knows what Brazilians like in music, you know? And he has an incredible ability to create hits.” The two revealed their romance to the public in January this year.

Check out the actress’ statement:

future in music

During the chat, Alice also spoke about a possible musical career. “I don’t know… It’s too much to think about, I think it’s too much for my head. I have to assimilate it first because I don’t know my voice, I’ve hardly ever seen myself sing in my whole life,” he confessed. “First I have to know my voice, know which region I work best in, what tone I use like to explore more. I think there’s so much for me to learn before I really set off, you know?” he said.

“I’m an actress who had to sing on this show. Like I might have to play boxing or guitar, that’s it. I don’t want to come out as a singer, I don’t want to be in a hurry,” she continued. Still, she revealed she’d love to do “a stunt or two.” “But first I need to understand what’s going on,” she concluded.

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