Alice Campello, Postpartum Critical Care.  She reveals: “Saved thanks to blood donations”

Alice Campello, Postpartum Critical Care. She reveals: “Saved thanks to blood donations”

“Thank you to the people who donated this blood I’m here and I can do this Video» he begins like this Alice Campello on social media after suffering complications in recent weeks I leave who brought her in intensive care unit. “I never realized how important that is donate blood until what happened to me during the I leave» continues the influencer, who does not go into detail, but prefers to keep the causes of the complication secret. Alice Campello recently became mummy for the fourth time: a few days ago her first was born child (after three males), lovely.

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Alice Campello in intensive care after giving birth: Here’s what happened

In the history Instagramthe footballer’s wife Alvaro Morata He continued, “These are the typical things that you think will never happen to you, and then when they do, you realize how important those gestures are. I swear the first thing I will do when I feel better is donate blood and please do it because you don’t know how important it is.” The influencer confides in his fans: “A lot of people I didn’t even know, saved my life.” Bella’s new mother then explains the little girl’s condition and reassures everyone: “The baby is fine lovelythe brothers there by hand and I slipped into the background. It’s very small and I’m very happy».

The alarm

The moment of Bella’s birth was incredible and exciting, but difficult at the same time. In fact, immediately after the birth, there were complications that forced Alice to spend a few hours indoors intensive care unit. Luckily the worst is over.

Last updated: Friday 20 January 2023 16:40