1675422393 Alianza Lima Familiar in battle

Alianza Lima: Familiar in battle

Alianza Lima Familiar in battle

After the government gave the guarantees for launch League 1 2023 This weekend, with the third date without a stand presence, the main question was whether the eight clubs that are fighting for the television rights with the FPF will show up for the game.

The representatives of Alianza Lima, Universitario, Cienciano, Melgar, Binacional, Cusco FC, Municipal and Sport Boys met last Wednesday at a hotel in San Isidro to clarify their position and although there was no joint statement until the close of this edition , The familiars stepped forward to make their position clear. The Blue and Whites will not show up for Sunday’s game at 10:00 against Sporting Cristal at the Alberto Gallardo Stadium, but the first team will concentrate.

“To this day, our position as Alianza Lima is not to play on Sunday. We have meetings with all parties and stakeholders, we will communicate about it in the next few hours,” he said. Solomon Lernera member of the Blanquiazul Fund, adding: “If the Alianza Lima does not respect the contractual clause with the Consorcio Fútbol Perú, we could be prosecuted.”

He also made it clear that despite the decision not to compete in the Alberto Gallardo, the team will concentrate. “We know that Guillermo Salas asked to concentrate the team because we have to take all the precautions of the case. We want the federal government to lift the precautionary measure and for there to be competition. The Alianza Lima team thinks they will play on Sunday because we believe this can be resolved,” he added.

Lerner also spoke about the rumors that Universitario will play against Cantolao (15:30) at the Monumental Stadium on Sunday. “When it comes to the precautionary measure, all eight clubs are involved, whether some play or not is different. With the letter from the federation stating that the consortium can transfer and not just the other chain, that would be resolved and we would all play on the first date. If ‘U’ play on Sunday it would not be a betrayal because they have a valid contract until 2025,” he concluded.

SAFAP decided on League 1

Robert Silva, SAFAP PresidentHe pointed out that starting League 1 behind closed doors in 2023 is very painful for clubs. “Now everything is in the hands of the FPF to start. I think playing behind closed doors is not the best option as it severely affects the economy of clubs that have to play at home,” Silva told TV Peru .

The SAFAP boss added: “Of the eight clubs that said they wouldn’t show up, they don’t play each other that day, so you’d only have a Vallejo-Alianza Atlético on day one, that’s something you can’t do sense,” he said.

Liga 1 moved the game to the third intermediate date Crystal and Alliance. The game will be played on Sunday at 10 a.m. at the Alberto Gallardo Stadium.