Alfonso Signorini mercilessly exposes Antonino: "You did it because you watched TV in the hospital"    ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

Alfonso Signorini mercilessly exposes Antonino: "You did it because you watched TV in the hospital" ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

Alfonso Signorini mercilessly exposes Antonino quotYou did it because youAlfonso Signorini and Antonino Spinalbese-Lineadiretta24

Antonino Spinalbese is attacked by Alfonso Signorini, who exposes his suspicious attitude

A new episode of Big Brother Vip aired on Monday January 16th in which we witnessed the return of Antonino Spinalbese, Absent for a few weeks for health reasons. In fact, the boy was reportedly in the hospital for minor surgery on a cyst, and he was video-connected from his room for every episode.

Many have complained about this, arguing that it’s not right for a competitor to stay away from a manufacturer, which in theory is in line with regulations It should be completely isolated from the outside.

Viewers’ and web users’ doubts all focus on the same issue: “And if he was socializing outside? What if he could see what’s going on in the house and get an idea of ​​what people love or hate?”. That way, the purpose of the reality show would be completely distorted.

Alfonso Signorini exposes Antonino Spinalbese

More than reasonable doubts raised Antonino Spinalbese, confirmed by his behavior immediately after entering the house. The ex of Belen In fact, he goes to kiss Nikita Pelizon, with whom he had no relationship before, they hardly spoke to each other while he greets Luca Onestini with a “smart guy”. That was enough for observant users, who immediately understood that the hairdresser had some tips on the competition.

Apparently also ad Alfonso Signorini The boy’s strange behavior has not escaped notice, so much so that he says to him: “It’s not like you saw Big Brother Vip on TV and went to kiss Nikita? There is a suspicion.” If the host was just joking, he still didn’t stray far from reality. The Vippone’s answer is a justification: “The suspicion against her is that I thought she was the strongest, I always have said. After two weeks of traveling, I realized that this bubble right here is causing me to lose my clarity.”

1674080371 799 Alfonso Signorini mercilessly exposes Antonino quotYou did it because youThe doubts of Tavassi and Donnamaria-Lineadiretta24 (Mediaset video source)

The suspicions of the other VIPs

The other candidates also have suspicions about the behavior of Antonino spinal broom, dictated by some of his statements. The first to speak to each other were the two Edoardo, Tavassi and Donnamaria. The first confronts the hairdresser directly and points out: “One thing is wrong with me. Or did you see something… you contradicted yourself in the episode, brother. You really got me thinking. You said ‘I saw you by the pool’ What the hell have you seen and heard? Also because this scene was not shown in the episode”. The other gets wrapped up and tries to explain, to no avail.

After that Don Maria is confronted Tavassi and he says to him: ‘I think they told him certain things, even when Ginevra came he learned things from the outside. I also want to know things. He was in the hospital, the doctors came and went and asked him. He must have had a lot of outside tips.” The controversy continues on social media.

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