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Alfons Schuhbeck appeals

Famous German chef Alfons Schuhbeck is appealing after being sentenced to three years and two months in prison for tax evasion. “Alfons Schuhbeck defends his guilt but wants to be able to understand the sentence based on the written reasons for the trial,” his lawyers said today through a spokesperson.

In this context, the 73-year-old asked his lawyers to appeal the district court’s verdict. A spokesperson for the Munich I District Court confirmed that “a fax with appeal has been received”.

“If the written reasons support the district court’s decision, I will ask my lawyers to withdraw the appeal in case of doubt,” Schuhbeck said, according to the statement. “Until then, I will not relax in my efforts to repair the damage as far as possible.”

The Munich I district court last week imposed a prison sentence of three years and two months on Schuhbeck for tax evasion. At this level, parole is no longer possible. According to the court, the prominent chef had smuggled around €2.3 million through the tax administration. According to a spokeswoman, the Public Ministry does not want to appeal the verdict.