Alexa Dellanos shows beauties from above in an orange suit    show

Alexa Dellanos shows beauties from above in an orange suit show

Alexa Dellanos looks top-down beauties in an orange suit (INSTAGRAM)

Alexa Dellanos shows off beauties from above in orange dress | INSTAGRAM

Again the beautiful american modelAlexa Dellanos, agreed with her internet audience by sharing a photo where the person in charge of the shot found her directly above her while posing on the floor in a position that made her beauties much appreciated thanks to her orange beach mini suit .

This is the last photo you uploaded to your Instagram official, an image that has managed to collect more than 249,000 likes, numbers that continue to increase and that also show how much her audience loves her, lately she has gained many followers and they are the ones who support them and enjoy the show .

Something that caught fans’ attention was that the young woman was holding two gifts in the same color as her outfit, perhaps to give us a clue as to the brand she represents or works with . people in the comments were totally focused on him beauty and his cute way of looking at the camera.

We can even read that a netizen wrote to her that this is perhaps the most beautiful photo she has seen on Instagram for a long time, everyone congratulates her, leaving her the best compliments, compliments and declarations of love that are always good way, her Giving back a little love, everything she gave them.

We can even see that some of her fellow models also came to the publication to leave her a few words of encouragement, Daniella Chavez, Lyna Perez and some other show business friends who also want to be present in this beautiful community they have formed.


Alexa Dellanos/Instagram

Alexa Dellanos shares her best photos to please fans.

Alexa Dellanos is very proud of herself for having made her own path in the social network modeling industry, many people expected her to follow in the footsteps of her mother Myrka Dellanos who is an excellent presenter in one of the most important networks Spanish speaking in the United States, Telemundo.

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Another thing that is also very important to mention is that this release will surely be one of many more that will continue to appear, always striving to surprise its audience, to reach new people and of course that beautiful personality and way with to share with the world, to see life so positively, to set an example with practice.

At Show News we will continue to be very keen to bring you the best of its content and companions and we invite you to stay with us to bring you the best news in the world of entertainment, entertainment and entertainment on the stay current much longer.

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