Alessia Marcuzzi, the confession: "What did I do when I wasn’t on TV"

Alessia Marcuzzi, the confession: "What did I do when I wasn’t on TV"

Alessia Marcuzzi the confession quotWhat did I do when I

Alessia Marcuzzi no regrets. The decision to go Mediaset and land in Rai it was just right. The proof? The success of Boomerissima. But that’s not all, because the presenter did not hide a certain uneasiness, now water under the bridge: “There were no discussions – she admits, alluding to her departure from the Biscione -. It was my decision at a point in my life when I felt I needed to take some time for myself.”

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So no regrets; “I did it at the right time when I had a plan B: I produce creams and sachets, it’s a reality that excites me a lot. Just when I realized that I was more looking forward to these activities and a little less to what I was doing on video, I thought to myself that maybe it would be the right thing to do to stop.”

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Also thanks to the pandemic: “It changed everyone a bit – he admits in the columns of the weekly Nuovo -. I went on the air in the early days of the pandemic I asked myself some questions and I didn’t recognize myself that much anymore. There are moments in life when you have to switch off. And I did. During this time without video, I didn’t give up writing or the idea of ​​being a performer. I started thinking I wanted to do a program that I could be more involved with.” And the original program has caught on, and it’s also getting great reviews.