Alessia Marcuzzi, clear message to Venier: "I am not his heir"

Alessia Marcuzzi, clear message to Venier: "I am not his heir"

Alessia Marcuzzi clear message to Venier quotI am not his

Alessia Marcuzzi denies Mara Venier. Fresh from the success of Boomerissima, the Rai 1 presenter returns to talk about her colleague. All “to blame” for a statement by Domenica In, which defined Marcuzzi as his heir. “Absolutely not! There is only one queen of Sunday Rai and that is Mara,” the weekly Nuovo replies without thinking. In any case, it is a compliment for the moderator. For “thank you very much for saying that”.

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And now that it’s on Rai 1, could Marcuzzi also be co-host of the Sanremo Festival? “Actually, I don’t have an exclusive contract and I’m not thinking about Sanremo. The festival is in my hands like to see from homeMake predictions about rankings and my favorites lists”.

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Finally, the presenter of Boomerissima wanted to clarify the rumors that were circulating. Before the start of his program, there was talk of coaching by his son. But the moderator immediately made it clear that unfortunately she will not be there for the next few weeks because she has just started working in Milan: “In reality she is not there because she recently worked in Milan.” Here everything is explained.