Alessandro Borghese 4 restaurants the winners of the new episodes

Alessandro Borghese, «4 restaurants»: the winners of the new episodes (two are abroad)

The most famous van in Italy has continued its journey to discover typical dishes and talents in the kitchen. In fact, a new episode “4 Restaurants” will start on November 27th. The format of Alessandro Borghese’s cooking show – aired every Sunday on Sky Uno, available on demand and streamed on Now – is much the same that has captivated Italians in recent years. In every city or area he stops in (there are foreign destinations in the new episodes too), the chef is greeted by four food entrepreneurs who suddenly become bitter contenders for the title of the area’s best restaurant. Each of them takes turns hosting colleagues and Borghese in their own rooms, who regularly inspect the kitchens before sitting down to eat. So the customers/competitors enjoy the dishes and then give a rating from 0 to 10 on 4 parameters (location, service, menu, bill) as well as the special category in which each restaurateur compares a specific dish. The challengers’ votes are finally added to the chef’s final verdict, who can overrule or uphold the verdict of the contestants. In addition to the recognition, the winner will receive 5,000 euros to invest in their company, while all participants will receive the program’s special stamp. Here are the winners of this round of betting.

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