Alessandra Moretti quotIn Gilettis interview with Corriere intolerable violence against

Alessandra Moretti: "In Giletti’s interview with Corriere, intolerable violence against me. He reported it…

“Regarding the interview published today by Massimo Giletti in Corriere della Sera, I deny every reported allegation. I do not condone interference in my private life and regret the fact that my children, who have always had a mother and father, were present , in involved and quoted in similar journalistic contexts. I reserve the right to protect myself and my family where appropriate.” So in a note from the MEP of the Democratic Party, Alessandra Moretti.

Giletti told the Corriere: “Alessandra Moretti? She’s still in love with me, maybe even partly with me.” And when asked, “So why did it end?” Giletti replied, “It ended? I know we’ll never get lost. For her I have a feeling of affection that binds me very much. She is a woman who has struggled in life, raising children practically on her own. I’ve never had a family from Mulino Bianco: when I saw their parents who loved each other, I was touched”.

There are many ways to harm a woman. We all know this because we’ve all been through it. Not only is there the most obvious violence, the physical, that must get women to come forward at the first hit without giving up; there is often more subtle, manipulative violence. Those who know the pillory, trying to discredit or smear a woman’s name, start making her name, debunking it in public, trying to isolate that name with lies, their personal stories on the to bring street.

Pointing the finger at a woman to shed light on her, her personal and family life, without respect for the feelings and sensibilities of the people involved, as Massimo Giletti did to me, is an intolerable form of violence. My children have always had a father and mother who took care of them together, it’s certainly not an extra because there are many mothers or fathers who do everything on their own, but it’s unfortunate to remove a father figure on the pillars of one Newspaper to children, that is unacceptable.

I will denounce as every time I have experienced insults and violence, but in this case I do it to protect my children who cannot be thrown in the newspaper by invading their privacy.