Alessandra Mastronardi: The story continues with her dentist boyfriend

Alessandra Mastronardi: The story continues with her dentist boyfriend


The actress – who rose to fame thanks to I Cesaroni – has officially signed on to actor Ross McCall, who she has been linked to for four years

Alessandra Mastronardi The story continues with her dentist boyfriend

Published on August 11, 2022

Alessandra Mastronardi has officially moved on. For several months, the actress of Neapolitan origin has unsubscribed Ross McCall, the English actor she has been linked to for four years, so much so that she has spoken out about marriage and children several times in the past. An important relationship that ended like a bolt from the blue. The reasons for the split are unknown, but the star of many Italian novels has already moved on.

A few months ago, Alessandra Mastronardi started dating another man: Valley Gianpaolothat is not part of the entertainment world. It’s about a dentist with whom the interpreter was paparazzi a few months ago, last April to be precise. A flirtation that gradually seems to increase to such an extent that the new couple has once again been pinched by the Diva and Donna paparazzi.

Alessandra Mastronardi and the new friend Gianpaolo they were photographed in an intimate pose on the Pincio terrace, one of the most romantic spots in the capital. First, the two took a walk in the Villa Borghese, got involved in a heated discussion and then immediately made peace. At the moment, no further details are known about this new Mastronardi liaison.

It’s not even clear if Alessandra will return to live in Italy after leaving Ross McCall. The 36-year-old actually moved to London for love. In recent years, however, he had not concealed the fact that he felt a great longing for the beautiful country and, above all, for his family.

The private life of Alessandra Mastronardi

To date, Alessandra Mastronardi has never been too lucky in love. Before meeting Ross McCall, the actress – who was created by Mediaset fiction I Cesaroni – was linked to the English actor for six years Liam McMahonwhich prompted her to leave Italy and move to London.

Previously, Alessandra Mastronardi loved other well-known colleagues such as Vinicio Marchioni (known on the set of Romanzo Criminale-La serie) e Marco Foschi (taken for the film Under the Sky of Rome). All relationships with actors that did not have a happy ending: will everything be different at the dentist Gianpaolo?