Alessandra Amoroso in costume in the snow: This is how the fans react RDS 100% Grandi Successi

“Your smile, our happiness”. If fans of Alexandra Amoroso They saw his new photos and just applauded.

The singer had been taking a little break from social media and only now returned to Instagram following the New Year’s and January 1st posts by posting a little recap of how she’s been spending the holidays. A photo of her wonderful smile emerging from a pink hood and many others showing her in the snow with lots of friends.

In short, Alessandra has emerged from the controversies that plagued her in 2022, is proud of the success of her latest single ‘Notti Blu’ and is enjoying the important things. Laughter, friendship, nature. What more do you want?

The photo in the costume in the snow: Here are the followers’ comments

The gallery then ends with a shot in costume in the snow. Someone criticized her saying she wanted to follow in Chiara Ferragni’s footsteps, another reiterated that true fans “care about the voice, not the physique”. Everyone else was joking about it. “Sorry, I still can’t recover from the last photo,” wrote one user. “But I want to know if you’re still alive after this photo,” joked another. The opinion is unanimous and is well described by this message:

“You are wonderful. Friendships, the real ones, are the most beautiful thing there can be and seeing you happy is good for our hearts”

Photo: Instagram