Alejandro Fernandez reveals the most emotional MEETING with Vicente Fernandez

Alejandro Fernández reveals the most emotional MEETING with Vicente Fernández before seeing him DIE

Alexander Fernandez He’s been going through a rough patch since his father’s departure, so much so that during his recent public speaking engagements, he burst into tears remembering the greats Vicente Fernandezthat’s why ‘El Potrillo’ opens the heart and disclosed what was that most emotional encounter which he had days before with ‘Chente’ die the legend.

On the occasion of “Chente’s” birthday, Doña Cuquita, the mother of Alejandro Fernandez reveals details about it emotional encounter in the last few days he had Vicente Fernandez Before watch him die with his son and that became a moment that marked the life of ‘El Potrillo’ forever.

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Alejandro Fernandez reveals the most emotional MEETING with Vicente Fernandez

just before departure, Vicente Fernandez had a moment of clarity that became most emotional encounter with his family, like disclosed Alexander Fernandezwho enjoyed the company of his “old man” until the last second, whom he misses more and more every day watch him die.

He had a very clear moment, which was wonderful because the whole family was there and we could talk to him. After that, my father’s departure was quite painful. At first you miss a little bit, over time you miss more

“The Foal” too disclosed the fact that his father unexpectedly came into his dressing room before a concert and left him great advice, the closeness they had was always very pronounced Alexander And Vicente Fernandez in life, i.e. at the time of watch him diehis father left a huge hole in his heart.

I remembered that day before a show in our Guadalajara, you unexpectedly walked into my dressing room and made everything else disappear. It seems that all life was yesterday. We miss you and love you more than ever. Happy birthday, old pimp. your millet

Vicente Fernandez He died on December 12, 2021 after spending several months in a Guadalajara hospital after suffering a spectacular fall while resting at his ranch in “Los 3 Potrillos”, from that moment the life of Alexander Fernandez it wasn’t the same.

Alejandro Fernandez reveals the most emotional MEETING with Vicente Fernandez

Doña Cuquita reveals that “El Potrillo” saw Vicente Fernández die

According to Dona Cuquita, Alexander Fernandez was very affected by the most emotional encounter Well, it was his turn watch him diea moment that shocked the singer, who is still devastated by the moment a little over a year after the death of his father.

It was harder for him because it happened to him at the time Vicente died, it was, yes, harder for him.

the mother of Alexander Fernandez He advised his son to focus on his career and life, which is what he always wanted. Vicente Fernandez and although the duel lasted longer for ‘El Potrillo’, he is confident his son will come out of the crisis soon watch him die.

In the emotional encounter Vicente Fernandez took the opportunity to say goodbye to his son, of whom he is certainly very proud, having forged, at his own pace and with original compositions, a successful career that few legends can boast of.