1676432238 Alejandro Fernandez complains about his bad reputation as a drinker

Alejandro Fernández complains about his bad reputation as a drinker: "The one who kills a dog is called Mataperros" YahooStyle

Alejandro Fernéndez in Las Vegas in 2021.  (Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy)

Alejandro Fernandez in Las Vegas in 2021. (Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy)

BY Alejandro Feregrino-. “It’s going to sound bad, but my father was the one who made me ‘fart’,” admits Alejandro Fernández with a good laugh. In an extensive interview he gave to Roberto Martínez, owner of the “Creativo” podcast, “El Potrillo” confessed how he first drank before going on stage and how this custom has become common throughout his career.

“I’m not a big party person, although I’m famous. You know, the one who kills a dog is called the dog killer.”

Actually, as he explained in an interview, the custom of drinking a cognac before the performance was passed on to him by his father Vicente Fernández.

“He was the one who introduced me. I was too embarrassed, very, embarrassed. My father, I think that with the intention of lowering my nerves when he introduced me he said: ‘Fuck you some cognac ‘, and it tastes”.

This ritual has become a habit before his concerts, but it has also made him crooked on more than one occasion, particularly in Palenques, and unleashed rumors that he has a problem with alcoholism.

“It’s supposed to loosen my inhibitions, obviously I’ve had more than twice as many drinks on stage over the course of my 30-year career (…), but in the Palenques it lends itself, it’s a very direct interaction with the audience.” .

The last time happened in early February, when various videos of the concert he offered at the León Fair in Guanajuato began circulating on social networks, where he was seen in an obviously drunk state.

In various interviews, he has defended that although he drank too much that day, he never felt completely drunk; and everything broke loose for a moment of great emotion as he remembered his father that evening.

The images caused widespread concern among his social media followers, who are worried about how the ‘Like Who Loss A Star’ and ‘I Dedicated My To Losing You’ performer is drinking.

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“Foals, stop drinking. You are a super artist and it hurts to see you in such bad shape,” wrote one follower on Instagram.

But many of his fans also defend him, assuring that what happened in León is not something that happens in all his concerts.

However, there are videos of other presentations over the years where the interpreter appears to be drunk… and others off the stage as well.

The Las Vegas photo

In August 2016, a photo went viral of El Potrillo apparently drunk, shirtless and posing with two people at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Alejandro initially tried to downplay the importance of the photo, assuring on Twitter that “the party was good,” but later decided to post a message acknowledging his mistake.

“Today I laughed at the embarrassing photos I took at the XS in Las Vegas during a party and bachelorette party for some close friends. I’m actually amused by the situation and surprised at how stupid my part can be growing up. But even though I laughed, I now feel I need to open my heart, be honest and realize that I’m also deeply ashamed,” he said at the time.

However, he also regretted that social networks occasionally become hotbeds “where hatred, violence and defamation germinate”.

The plane scandal

In August 2017, “El Potrillo” had to step off a plane after causing a major uproar by showing the other passengers video of a recent plane crash and saying, “I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to us.”

According to witnesses, the singer was visibly drunk. Once again he apologized on social networks.

“My apologies to the airline and the passengers on my flight, I was extremely tired after a transatlantic voyage. Nothing justifies my actions. I wish you all the best!”

In the recent interview, Alejandro defends his position: he doesn’t always drink alcohol and the occasions when he passed the drinks are very specific.

“At one point they saw me in a super ‘lucky’ pitcher and thought I was going to live my whole life like that.”

Of course, he was unlucky enough to walk into a video camera more than once.


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