Alcymar Monteiro humiliates musicians who give up after a show.  Video!   The office

Alcymar Monteiro humiliates musicians who give up after a show. Video! The office

Faced with the horrific impact, musician Sandro Trombomba, a professional trombonist, took to social media to announce that he, Jefferson, who plays trumpet, and Chico Cabral, a professional with saxophone and cavaquinho, were leaving the Banda Forroteira, who Alcymar accompanied.

“As in this photo, we came together and united to announce our farewell to the Banda Forroteria that accompanies the artist Alcymar Monteiro. It is with humility, teachings given to us by our parents, dignity, respect for others and professionalism. We left with a clear conscience, heads held high and strong as ever to walk our path in search of our dreams,” he said.

“We are grateful for the support of our family, friends who always cheer on our achievements, the friends we have made during this time traveling together, those who have seen us play, may God bless you always. We love you all,” he concluded.Musicians from Alcymar Monteiro's old bandReproduction / Instagram


Due to the impact, Alcymar went public via social networks, where he apologized to the musicians and the public for what had happened.

“Our band is a wonderful band and they have a musician who is a part of it who has been playing with me for over 30 years. I apologize for that because it’s not part of me, my personality. It’s a lot of stress, it’s a lot of travel, it’s a lot of shows, there’s a lot of harassment and there are times when we get exhausted, so I’m here to apologize, first to my band and second to my audience. A big hug to everyone,” he said.

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