Alberto De Pisis vs Charlie Gnocchi Big Brother VIP

Alberto De Pisis vs. Charlie Gnocchi Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

The calm doesn’t last long and soon the storm is brewing in the house. While the VIPs discussed the different behaviors, tendencies and attitudes that each adopts, charlie and Alberto they start arguing with each other.

The conflict flares up as the rivals resume discussing costs. Charlie attacks Christina and tells her she’s being too specific, that she’s pretentious about the food.
Then the competitor talks about it LukeAlberto and the shortcomings of other competitors, adding that he is always responsible for the costs.

Charlie tries to assert his truth but is stopped by Alberto. The VIP thunders, “You know which truth shines through the most? You get a lot of the action from the cameras. You are constantly in the spotlight. You’re always looking for attention.”

Charlie defends himself by saying “I’m like that in life” and continues to reiterate his truth of the facts. At this point, be it Wilma that Cristina is not there and trying to make the VIPs understand that everyone has their own truth and that it can neither be superior nor inferior to the others.

Alberto, who was interrupted, is trying to finish his speech. The competitor does not like Charlie’s behavior because he always has to make a scene. “They sit here, the cameras are trained on it. The vast majority of people have a spontaneous attitude ”, emphasizes Alberto, while regarding Charlie’s behavior he states: “For your part, I see a demonstrative strategy ”.

The VIP tries to explain that the comedian always seems to have to explain in order to give a constructed image of himself. Citing the nominations episode, after Charlie mentioned Alberto’s name, he wanted to talk to him about it, although according to VIP there was no need. “They have an unnatural attitude,” adds De Pisis.

Then the discussion feeds on Cristina’s intervention, annoyed by Charlie’s words to her. The VIP keeps repeating that the candidate often complains about the food. Wilma, Alberto and Luca defend the VIP who, tired, lets go of Charlie.

The group then returns to attack the competitor for wanting to intervene violently between Wilma and Luca, who collectively found the gesture excessive.