Albert and Charlene of Monaco The Dark Truth Theyre Cursed

Albert and Charlene of Monaco, The Dark Truth: They’re Cursed SoloCine SoloCine

Royals Albert and Charlene of Monaco have spoken a lot about them in recent years, particularly because of their controversial romantic relationship. There are those who thought they were “doomed” from the start, but for now the tide seems to have passed. But fate can still play against them as it seems they were cursed 800 years ago.

Charlene of Monaco or “sad princess“As her subjects have long dubbed her, she has been the subject of much discussion in recent years. One of the latest rumors on which gossip has gone to the wedding is about him health status. The hospitalization in the secret clinic and the return without much explanation. But no one expected such a story.

Albert and Charlene of Monaco curseAlberto and Charlene of Monaco

The misfortune of Alberto and Charlene it would even go back to 13th Century. A curse would “mess up” their future. Superstition is known to be for fools, but some facts would agree. From the beginning her story has always been problematic, it even seems that after her marriage Charlene ran away to return to Africa as life at court “was cramped for her”.

The eventful life of Princess Charlene

Charlene Lynette Grimaldi She is the current Princess of Monaco as well as the Prince’s wife Albert II. She has been passionate about swimming since childhood before winning and competing in several titles before her shoulder accident that led to her retirement Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney. Later, after meeting her future husband, her lifestyle has definitely changed. Sovereignty, shall we say, has always been a bit “tight”, which is why the paparazzi immediately followed her for her adventures we all know.

The fate of the princess seems sealed

But getting to the heart of the matter, it appears to be exactly one of Charlene’s ancestors Ranier IShe fell in love with a local Fleming. Seeing her refusal, he had her kidnapped and she cursed in revenge. None of the futures Grimaldi descendants they would live happily ever after in marriage. They will be popular beliefs, and yet there is a lot of divorce in the Grimaldi family.

Charlene of Monaco Sad PrincessCharlene of Monaco

And maybe it was just divorces, there are those too several tragedies in the story of how not to remember death Grace Kelly and the pain of Rainier III of Monaco? Could the curse last through the centuries? We wish Alberto and Charlene a better future.

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