Alba Reyes Only a miracle can change the situation Im

Alba Reyes: “Only a miracle can change the situation I’m going through”

Alba Reyes, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2004He took to social media this afternoon to ask for prayers for what he described as an extremely difficult situation he is going through.

Through her Facebook account, the second runner-up at Miss Universe 2004 admitted she had struggled while pregnant with her baby Noah.

Although she didn’t specify the situation she’s going through, she emphasized that she’s fighting for her little one.

He also asked for the intervention of God and the prayer of all his followers to get out of the difficult moment he is going through in which he indicated that it affects several people.

Below is the message from the Exreina:

“As you know, I firmly believe in the power of prayer. And the Word says, wherever two or more are gathered in his name, there he is.” I’ve been going through an extremely difficult situation for a year and a half. I had major struggles during my pregnancy so that Noah could be here. And it was worth it, because he is my greatest gift, I’ve never been happier than being with him.

But the reality is that I suffered a lot during my pregnancy, I did it in silence, I suffered a lot in this process due to circumstances beyond my control. For my son I was in the fight although I’m tired of fighting so much because the fights were too many. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes because I’m human, I feel pain, anger, frustration like everyone else. But I always try to learn from everything and face everything with a smile, that’s me.

Today I find myself on my knees asking for God’s intervention and I’m asking for His now because I feel like only a miracle can change the situation I’m going through and all I want is to be able to enjoy my son, protect him, take care of him and be happy and able to take a break from so many struggles, have peace and tranquility. That is why I am asking for your prayers…and intervention for God to take control of the situation and all of us who are involved in it.”