Akon Defends Kanye West for Selling Yeezy Clothes in Garbage Bags

Akon Defends Kanye West for Selling Yeezy Clothes in Garbage Bags

Akon thinks Ye has nothing to apologize for.

Kanye West is always a source of controversy. The latest source of backlash comes from Kanye’s Yeezy collection at Gap — specifically how it’s been presented. Yes’s latest additions to his Yeezy Gap collab were sold in trash bags, a move many saw as disrespectful to the homeless, who West claimed are his muse when it comes to fashion.

Defending his decision to Fox News, Kanye said: “Look man I’m an innovator and I’m not here to sit down and apologize for my ideas. That’s what the media is trying to do. Make us apologize for every idea that doesn’t fall exactly the way you want us to think.” Now Akon has stepped into Kanye’s corner as well.

According to Akon, people angry at Kanye’s fashion choices have done nothing to help the homeless themselves. “Personally, I would advise those same people to take the clothes they’re not wearing and give them to the homeless,” said the “Bananza” singer. “Do something. You do something.”

Akon also said it shouldn’t matter where Kanye gets his ideas from and people should see what he does with his inspiration before judging. “I don’t think anyone should ever have to apologize for anything creative,” he said. “I think what inspires you or what inspires you should be irrelevant once he’s made it happen because that’s an idea that can make him more money that he can potentially use to create more opportunities for other people .”

“He says he’s doing it to shed more light on the homeless,” Akon continued. “You have to let him achieve that goal first…so that the energy can be directed toward helping people.”

Watch Akon’s full conversation with TMZ below.