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AJ Brown: I’m not a diva, but of course I want the ball

NFC Divisional Playoffs – New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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FOX cameras caught Eagles receiver AJ Brown on the touchline, visibly frustrated, with 5:11 remaining on Saturday night. Brown admitted on Wednesday that he wanted more options.

However, the Eagles ran it 44 times and threw it just 24 times in an easy 38-7 win over the Giants.

“They throw me the ball 100 times, I’m going to want it 101 times,” Brown said of ESPN’s Tim McManus. “Personally, I just feel like I can change the game at any time. Getting the ball often keeps you going, keeps you in rhythm. It definitely puts you in a zone; you are imprisoned Of course I want the ball.”

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni spoke to Brown on the bench and hinted this week that Brown was frustrated with his goals. Brown caught three of six passes aimed at him for 22 yards.

However, Sirianni defended his star receiver’s outburst, saying he wanted his receivers “to pine for football”.

Brown clarified Wednesday that wanting the ball doesn’t make him a diva.

“I’m never the receiver that goes to the sidelines or tries to cause problems on the sidelines. I’m not that guy,” Brown said. “I guess you could call that a diva, but I’m not that person.

“I’m a guy who goes up and talks to the quarterback and talks to him [offensive coordinator] and do it like this. I’m not the type to cause a stir on the sidelines. That’s not me. I’ll never be that guy.”

Brown, who was acquired by the Titans for first- and third-round picks, was fourth in the NFL for rushing yards for 1,496 and tied for third with 11 touchdowns.