Aid material rushes to Turkey and Syria

Aid material rushes to Turkey and Syria

LThe biggest difficulties in distributing aid in Turkey and Syria are accessing remote locations.

While the victims are still buried under the rubble of the earthquake, it is important to help the survivors.

Food and other essential goods are now reaching the Turkish city of Adana and other urban areas, but access to more remote locations still faces significant obstacles.

The first aid deliveries from the EU are also going to Syria. An Italian naval ship that arrived at the port of Beirut was carrying 16 containers full of tents, heaters and other winter essentials destined for the Syrian earthquake zone.

Luigi Pandolfi, head of the European Union relief effort, explained the progress on the delivery rate: ‚ÄúSeveral planes have landed in Beirut and also in Gaziantep in the last few days. Two logistic centers have been activated so that we can collect the donations from the European countries in Beirut for delivery to Damascus and in Gaziantep for delivery to north-west Syria.”

However, it will be some time before those affected in Idlib and other devastated areas of Syria can find temporary refuge.