afternoon 5, "A jackal who…".  D’Urso stops everything

afternoon 5, "A jackal who…". D’Urso stops everything

afternoon 5 quotA jackal whoquot DUrso stops everything

The tone gets warmer afternoon 5: Barbara D’Urso speaks to her guests about the death of Gina Lollobrigida, the legendary diva of Italian and world cinema, who died on Monday at the age of 95. However, the family feud that has roiled the actress’ existence for years is fueling the controversy. character is crucial Francisco Javier RigauLollo’s ex-husband (her marriage was annulled by Holy Rota). And directly in Spanish Manuel Villain connection with the Canale 5 program, bombed without interruption.

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The daughter of the great singer Claudio Villa, a friend of Lollobrigida, drops the bombshell: Gina, she reveals, “trusted me that this man (Rigau, editor’s note) was ruin life… He made it difficult for her … She could no longer live peacefully, she felt so oppressed by this man who had ruined her reputation. I encouraged her.”

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Rigau was also at the center of a very lively dispute with Adriano Aragozzini (historic friend of the missing diva) in front of the room where the actress disappeared for a few minutes. Villa’s judgment of Rigau is merciless: “A man who shows up after she’s dead is one jackal on a corpse”. Very strong words that provoked a reaction from D’Urso.

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“That’s your point of view,” Carmelita replied, “You know very well that I distance myself. But Villa doesn’t back down an inch: “Sure, because I think you have to show up if you’re alive, not dead.” “I spoke to Gina – concludes the singer – and what counts for me is what she said to me.” “I understand very well,” the presenter concludes the case.

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