After Tiago Ramos considered quitting the reality show Deolane

: After Tiago Ramos considered quitting the reality show, Deolane loses patience with the pawn and sends the…


The lawyer had an honest conversation with the model after the confusion in the house

by Juliana Gomes

02/10/2022 08:30 BRT

02/10/2022 08:30 BRT

Image: Playback/RecordTVImage: Playback/RecordTVJuliana Gomes

The attitudes of some participants of A Fazenda 14 continue to be discussed inside and outside the rural reality of RecordTV. in prison, Deolane Bezerra has already shown that she is fed up with certain confusions, including those affecting her Thiago Ramos.

The model even considered leaving the program after the party, which took place in the early hours of last Saturday (1). After drinking too much, Tiago tried to jump the fence but was stopped by his companions. After everything that happened, the lawyer went to the farmer and showed that she doesn’t even spare her own allies with her ear tugging.

In the chat, she explained that she will no longer prevent or defend the model of confusion in the house: “I will not pursue you so that you do nothing [confusões]. Again, you have to show who you are. I won’t keep you from leaving all the time. Do you want to go? So go away As far as I’m concerned, I won’t pursue you,” Deolane began.

“You have to have discernment, you have to have wisdom. Here is a place that will grow you, help your career and make you bigger and gigantic […] You want to fight it, you want to make fun of it. So I won’t be in your favour,” the attorney fired, adding, “If you need help, I’ll be there. But I won’t tire my mind with that,” the peon finished, slightly irritated.