After the island my partner turned me black Hard confession

“After the island, my partner turned me black”. Hard confession

A chubby face, a “potato” nose, an unmistakable smile. A real force of nature that has participated in well-known Mediaset reality shows: GF 2003 and Isola dei Famosi. We’re talking about Floriana Seconds.

After the island my partner turned me black Hard confession

Born in Rome, born in 1977, has made the headlines thanks to the experience in the most spied house in Italy. Our Floriana actually enters as a bartender and leaves the house as a queen and after victory of GF in 2003, She has often been a guest on several television programs and there has been no shortage of appearances on television in recent years.

In March of this year, that’s how it is Shipwreck on the island of the famousthe reality show hosted by Ilary Blasiinitially paired with Antonio Zequila and with Pfeffer, enlivens the days with quarrels and sly jokes, just like 19 years ago at the GF.

But who is Floriana really? From its origins we know it to be Childhood was very difficult: the separation of his parents it was a hit along with that mother’s drug addiction.

Closed University She is raised by the nuns along with her brother Enrico and her little sister Eleonora victory of the GF it is his moment of redemption. A marriage behind him, he has a son with Mirko Fantini, his true love for life: Domitian.

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And today? To this day, the former Gieffina is happily engaged AngelIntellectual and architect, and columnist for Barbara D’Urso’s programs such as Afternoon Five and Sunday Live, to entrepreneur, has recently returned to talk about it on the small screen.

Floriana Secondi returned home after the adventure on the island of the famous full of ups and downs: very correct and recounted falling out with her son and partner: both were angry at her for the attitude they had towards the program she came from eliminated after only 25 days and why they would have expected a very different path:

“My son didn’t speak to me for a few days, he was upset, even my partner. I did the math at home, they criticized me. My son is my judge, he is my opposite, my alter ego. He told me I could do better My partner turned me black“.

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In Silvia Toffanin’s living room she said: ‚ÄúPeople who watch The Island don’t realize it’s a tough reality show, the hardest part is the boredom. I did a lot, I fished, I watched, I was a lumberjack. I expected these things to be in the episode, I wanted to be celebrated. I learned and understood my mistakes, got lost on the island, cared too much about the attitudes of others, and lost purpose. At 44, I hoped to be able to handle these situations.