After spending New Years Eve with Nadine Tiago Ramos speaks

After spending New Year’s Eve with Nadine, Tiago Ramos speaks up and receives “sour advice”: "Neymar will be…


The former A Fazenda 14 contestant was already embroiled in major controversies during his relationship with Neymar’s mother

Photo 1: The official Instagram of Tiago Ramos.  Photo 2: The official Instagram of Nadine Gonçalves.Photo 1: The official Instagram of Tiago Ramos. Photo 2: The official Instagram of Nadine Gonçalves.

Thiago Ramosformer participant of A Fazenda 14, returned to the topic on social networks after Jornal Extra revealed that he spent New Year’s Eve at his exgirlfriend’s house Nadine Goncalves. After the rumours, the influencer declared himself and sent a very direct message to critics.

Things started when Tiago posted a photo resembling that of Neymar Jr.’s mother on a sofa, leading some netizens to speculate about the couple’s possible return. In addition to the sofa, carpet and decoration of the room they were in, according to Jornal Extra, they were the same that were present in Nadine’s house.

However, after all the internet buzz, the former farm worker decided to speak out and while he didn’t deny spending New Year’s Eve with his exgirlfriend, he did claim to be single. “People hate me so much they can’t accept me. If I don’t have a name for you, enjoy TIAGO RAMOS, with many failures and several successes. Try to make love and be happy, leave my anniversary alone. And another single ep$to. Bye envy,” he posted on his official Twitter profile.

Concerned that Deolane’s boyfriend could be drawn into new controversy if he resumes his relationship with Nadine, several fans of the former farmhand decided to voice their opinions on the issue, with some offering “bitter” advice to the boy. “When it comes to the overall happiness of the nation, Neymar will be raised by his stepfather again. Apparently, Tiago Ramos has returned to Nadine,” one person said. “Tiago, I love you so much, but don’t dwell on your past, focus on the present, you don’t deserve everything you’ve been through. Being with Nadine sucks Tiago.” said a second. A third said: “What does Tiago see in Nadine? That woman just brought disaster into his life…she just sunk him…And now that he comes out of the hole he picks it up and goes back to her”.

On the other hand, other users took advantage of the situation to make fun of the situation. “Neydrasto is back!” joked one Twitter user. “Guy ran out of money, Crown has money, he’s keen on a brand new one, that’s more than right. And Neymar will be forced to obey his stepdad and that’s it,” teased a second. “I thought Tiago’s hints were for Deolane but now I think it’s oops Nadine shipo saw! I just want to see him happy,” said another person.

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