After so much coincidence identical people take a DNA test

After so much coincidence, identical people take a DNA test

Have you heard of the doppelganger concept? It is a term that refers to a doppelganger or “copy” of someone who is not related. genetics. Yes, visually people are identical as Twins, but they are not related. Two baseball players experienced some coincidences that go far beyond appearances and became curious.

identical people

The two share several facts as they both share the same name, work in the same field, are the same height, were born just a few years apart and, perhaps most bizarrely, the same surgical procedure was performed by the same doctor!

Baseball pitcher Brady Fiegl and… well, baseball pitcher Brady Fiegl both went through this situation and did what anyone going through this odd series of events would do: a DNA test.

It was found that 32yearold Fiegl, who plays for the independent Long Island Ducks, and his 27yearold doppelganger, who plays for Oakland’s early league team, the Las Vegas Aviators, were completely unrelated.

In 2022, an American press vehicle brought the two together. The elder Fiegl said in the video when they met: “I think it’s great that there is someone out there who is exactly like you but has the same name and similar looks? It’s pretty crazy.”

Another very impressive factor between them is that they both underwent the same surgical procedure which is so common for baseball pitchers. The strangest thing is that it was the same doctor who performed the surgery on both of them when they didn’t even know each other.

The operation is called Tommy John and is being performed to repair an ulnar collateral ligament that has been torn in the elbow. The name is a tribute to the first person to have this problem in 1974.

Although they stated that there was no relationship between them, the men said that they would not break up because of it. According to the elder, “We will always be Brady Feigl” and “we remain brothers in a sense.”