After Shakira’s provocative music, Piqué arrives at the event in a Twingo; Video addition

The soap opera about Shakira and Piqué’s split had another chapter this weekend. After the singer was blown away by the lyrics to her latest hit, Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions vol. 53,” a partnership between Colombian singerrapper Bizarrap that would have seen the player trade “a Ferrari for a Twingo,” the Spaniard drove a vehicle of the model to an event.

And this wasn’t Piqué’s first reaction with this device. The player announced that he has reached an agreement with Casio, a popular watch brand, to sponsor the Kings League, of which Piqué is the president. The indirect happened because, in another part of the singer’s same single, she mentions that the Spaniard “exchanged a Rolex watch for a Casio.”

Piqué launched the Kings League show with a Casio watch on his wrist and said the Japanese brand had struck a deal with the competition, prompting laughter from everyone in the studio on the streaming show.

One of the people said it was a lie and Piqué showed a box with the watch. “I’m serious,” said the former player. “Casio gave us watches as gifts. We have an agreement with Casio. The Kings League has reached an agreement with Casio,” emphasized Piqué.

A partnership between Colombian singer and rapper Bizarrap, “Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 53” had the best debut for a Latin song in YouTube history. The song, released on Wednesday January 11th, has already had 50 million views in 24 hours. Two days later, the video was viewed 63 million times.

Shakira says in another part of the song: “She has the name of a good person. It’s clearly not what it sounds like.”

Shakira and Pique were together for eleven years and had two children. The divorce came about in June 2022 after the Colombian found out she had been cheating and that Clara was visiting the couple’s home while Shakira and Piqué were still married.