After separating from Rafa Kalimann Jose Loreto raves about the

After separating from Rafa Kalimann, José Loreto raves about the love of his life

José Loreto and Rafa Kalimann broke up about ten days ago, but apparently the actor is still missing his ex. In the social networks Loreto shared a text about love, leading followers to believe it was related to the influencer.

Loreto announced in Stories a message about people not staying with the one they really love. “In this crooked world, almost no one ends up with the person they loved most in their life, although everyone pretends they did,” Loreto began.

“Since it didn’t work out, it’s better that it stays that way. We go away and everyone gets on with their own lives. Presented with a new love. We’re moving away and keeping it all in our chests,” the text ended.

Recently, news of the alleged linchpin of the couple’s split shook the internet.

José Loreto is caught with a hotel employee

According to Leo Dias, during the recording of A Cerca in 2020, José Loreto became involved with an employee of a hotel in Cambará do Sul in RS.

According to the columnist, they both shamelessly flirted at the hotel reception, and on his last day at the hotel, the actor invited the receptionist to pay him a visit in his room. As soon as she got to work, the clerk would have gone straight upstairs to the bedroom, where she had a hot night with the Globo star.

The plan went awry when they fell asleep and woke up the next day. The evidence would have come from the surveillance cameras, where those responsible caught the receptionist pacing in and out of the actor’s room. The result was the immediate dismissal of the employee.