After opening Petras tomb Luigi is revealed by an

After opening Petra’s tomb, Luigi is revealed by an unexpected person at the e Paixão TV observatory

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Luigi (Rainer Cadet) from Earth and Passion

In scenes expected to be aired soon in Terra e Paixão, Angelina (Inez Viana) finds out through a gravedigger that Luigi (Rainer Cadete) stole a pair of wedding rings from the cemetery and gave them to Petra (Débora Ozório) on their wedding day.

“(Angelina looks at the ring) Funny… that little ruby… Here in town there was a couple who were growing old together… when the widow left they wanted to be buried with her and her husband’s ring. It was the same” says the older woman who wants to unmask SAFADO.

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Outside the asylum, Petra (Débora Ozório) falls backwards when she catches Luigi (Rainer Cadete) in bed with Anely (Tatá Werneck). “It’s a big shock for a depressed Petra, who is about to find an old love again,” anticipate Walcyr Carrasco in his screenplay.

Anely (Tata Werneck) and Luigi (Rainer Cadete) in Terra e Paixão

Terra e Paixão is a telenovela created and written by Walcyr Carrasco. The work was written with Márcio Haiduck, Vinícius Vianna, Nelson Nadotti and Cleissa Regina. The artistic direction is Luiz Henrique Rios, the general direction is João Paulo Jabur and the direction is Tande Bressane, Jeferson De, Joana Clark, Felipe Herzog and Juliana Vicente. José Luiz Villamarim is in charge of genre direction and Raphael Cavaco and Mauricio Quaresma are in charge of production.


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