After nearly losing his life and publicly attacking Pati Chapoy

After nearly losing his life and publicly attacking Pati Chapoy, the soap opera crush appears unrecognizable "today"

A famous soap opera heartthrob who has worked for TV channel San Ángel for more than two decades has been in the spotlight on several occasions and this time he has again attracted attention. One of the first times he took a stand in the controversy was after he had a fleeting argument with Pati Chapoy, who he publicly attacked.

Is about Juan Solerwho is known for being considered a heartthrob of melodramas, especially in his youth, since he took part in productions such as “La Otra”, “Cuando me enamoro”, “Palabra de mujer”, “Locura de amor”, “Cañaveral de pasiones” and “The Most Beautiful Ugly”.

It is worth remembering that his career began in toukumanArgentina, where he studied economics, but a serious car accident changed his life and thus also his life plans, so he decided, on the verge of death, to change his path and, according to his own statements, wanted to “live many lives in just one”, that is she decided to study acting.

It is located in the middle of the reflectors

As mentioned, one of the most controversial moments of his career came after this was revealed Juan Soler be banned from the channel Aztec one After publicly attacking the main presenter “Ventaneando” a few years ago, it is the entertainment journalist Pati Chapoy, whom he answered directly after she gave her opinion on her divorce.

Pati Chapoy’s attitude bothered me a lot, I tell you Pati; It was awful that you said that I benefit from my family, that I’m doing all this to revitalize my career. My career has never failed,” he shared angrily.

Now it has attracted attention that Soler appeared on the show Hoy this morning this Monday January 2nd as they exchanged information about his new romance as he recently confirmed that he is giving himself a new opportunity in love .. and it’s about Paulina Markethis colleague with whom he started the new year 2023 with a few relaxing days at the beach.

Recently, photos of them together have been published and some netizens have commented that the heartthrob soap operas He looks unrecognizable from constantly appearing on television as he already has several gray hairs.



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