After Memes William Bonner joins in and posts an opening

After Memes, William Bonner joins in and posts an opening video: ‘It’s water, people’ | celebrities

After memes, William Bonner enters the can game Reproduction / Instagram

After Memes, William Bonner enters the Reproduction/Instagram can game

Published on 02.11.2022 17:21

Rio Willian Bonner has released a video that goes along with the joke netizens played on him last Sunday (30). During live coverage of the presidential election, the journalist became a meme after opening a can of mineral water that the public mistook for beer. After becoming aware of the situation, he asked permission to clarify the incident.

Bonner opens a can to celebrate Lula’s win,

— Nazaré Amarga (@NazareAmarga) October 30, 2022

“I need to get that straight. There was a time when I asked for some water and people heard a Latin noise. Guys, the water is a can for me. Do you really think I wouldn’t drink water? I wanted to drink something else during an examination? For God’s sake. “The internet is unforgivable,” he explained. “My daughter, who is in France, sent a message and said she was full of memes talking about cans,” he said cheerfully.

Beer can? Bonner plays with memes, but makes it clear that he opened a water can during the election count #g1

— g1 (@g1) October 31, 2022

In the video published on his Instagram this Wednesday (2), the moderator announces that despite the All Souls holiday, the “Jornal Nacional” will be presented by him. Bonner ended the video with the sound of an open can, restoring the meme. “It’s water, folks,” the journalist joked.

der Bonner: I’ll take a water


— Gabs (@bomdiaetal) October 30, 2022

The intern who ran to get Bonner a can of water is getting a ridiculous raise tomorrow.

— Thiego Novais (@thiegonovais) October 31, 2022