After kissing, Alejandro Claveaux reveals he has a boyfriend and explains why he’s not showing the boy

After kissing, Alejandro Claveaux reveals he has a boyfriend and explains why he’s not showing the boy

In the show “Rensga Hits” the actor Alejandro Claveaux asked for discretion as Deivid Cafajeste when revealing his boyfriend. In an interview with columnist Patrícia Kogut, published this Thursday (18), he described the background to the Globoplay project and commented on the impact of the kiss he gave to actor Samuel de Assis during the series launch party. Samuel is Alejandro’s love interest on the series. However, in real life, the actor’s friend is not engaged in art.

“I loved the effects. We need to normalize affection. There’s no point if people don’t normalize themselves. That was a kiss, yes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a sign of affection, of affection. But there is nothing else. In the final episode of the series, my character says, “There’ll be a kiss on stage and you’ll see.” It should naturalize affection. He [namorado] does not belong to the artistic class. It has nothing to do with exposing it,” he explained.

In the series, Cafajeste is a gay country singer who hides his sexuality and capitalizes on “top straight” fame. Throughout the storyline, the artist falls in love with security guard Kevin and lives a secret romance with the clerk. Unlike the character, the interpreter chose to publicly declare his sexuality.

“All who live this problem are victims of this homophobic society. It’s very bad not being able to live your truth, your freedom, walking the streets and not having your right respected, not being able to act naturally because you can die. I think the fact that people feel more welcome on social media helps with that, but there’s still work to be done. In the series we see that the victim’s place of not being able to kiss her boyfriend in public is sad because she might lose her place of prestige in the music scene. Not today,” he said.

Alejandro Claveaux and Samuel de Assis in one scene "Rensga hits".  (Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay)Alejandro Claveaux and Samuel de Assis in a scene from Rensga Hits. (Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay)

“We see that some artists find it easier to show who they are because they are successful. But when someone starts a career, it can be more difficult. When the career is solid, it becomes easier for people to respect and for the artist not to lose his place in the middle. And in the audiovisual, this approach to sensuality and pleasure is interesting. It exists. This is how you have to approach a scene between straight characters. In the series we also talk about love. That’s why kisses are natural. People celebrated the fact that it wasn’t stereotypical. We actors have to fight for it too. Doing scenes that are as real as the straight characters,” he continued.

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Alejandro Claveaux used his own story as inspiration for the character. Like Cafajeste, the actor is also from Goiás. “Whenever I go back there, my accent gets stronger. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the accents on the show and saying mine was forced. If you hear yourself speaking, you don’t realize it’s loaded. But that’s the real thing, that’s the original,” he said.

In the chat he said that before he was cast he thought that the origin would help him in the role: “In Goiás I always listened to a lot of sertanejo, viola fashion, I went to shows of the genre. I did several plays there, but I wanted to come to Rio. It was a bet on Brazilian Hollywood, the place where things happened. When I heard for Rensga that I had been approved for the cast, I heard from the team that I would have to speak as a Goian since I’m not from there. I said, ‘Guys, but I’m from there. I even thought it helped with the lineup!’” he remarked.

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Rensga hits

The production is by Globoplay and tells the story of Raíssa Medeiros (Alice Wegmann), a young aspiring singer who recently arrived in Goiânia after discovering at the altar that she had been cheated on by her future husband. For eight episodes, audiences follow Raíssa’s quest for success in country music while confronted with intrigue, challenges, new friendships and even a new love.

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