After friction between Luana Piovani and Scooby Cintia Dicker makes

After friction between Luana Piovani and Scooby, Cintia Dicker makes a post asking for respect

“No one knows what the other feels,” explained the model, who is in a relationship with the surfer

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Cintia Dicker said she hopes everything will be fine after Aurora is born

The model Cintia DickerShe, who was discharged from the hospital after giving birth to Aurora, posted a photo she took with her family on New Year’s Eve and declared, “My safe haven is right there! Yesterday at our house (because unfortunately the intensive care unit closes at night). With our family, with our choices, with our pain (and it hurts a lot), hoping that somehow everything will work out [vamos] Find strength because our daughter needs us well. We asked God together to start the year with good news, and He answered our request.” Immediately after Aurora was born, she underwent surgery and is still in the hospital. The girl is the daughter of the model with the surfer Peter Scoobywho is also the father of Dom, Bem and Liz, all a result of his previous relationship with the actress Luana Piovani. After Christmas, the exBBB fell out with the artist, who took to social media to express his frustration after Scooby gave children cellphones and failed to monitor what they were consuming online. The surfer even countered by showing that the devices have family monitoring. Luana also accused her ex of being rude to her. After sharing barbs on social media, Scooby and Cintia would have stopped following Luana on social media. Without naming the actress, the model wrote on her Instagram stories: “Let’s start the year with: Respect! Nobody knows what the other feels! Pray, stay with God and love in your heart”.

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Cintia Dicker posted a post asking for respect Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/
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