After controversy with Vitao Suelen Gervasio announces the birth of

After controversy with Vitão, Suelen Gervásio announces the birth of her daughter

Suelen Gervásio announces the birth of her daughter Nina Instagram reproduction

Suelen Gervásio announces the birth of her daughter NinaReproduktion on Instagram

Published on September 28, 2023 09:59

Rio Suelen Gervásio, 27, took to Instagram this Wednesday to announce the birth of her daughter Nina after a series of controversies with Vitão. The model, who gave no further details about the birth, posted a photo of the baby clinging and gushed: “There’s nothing left,” she wrote in the caption.

Earlier this month, Vitão posted a lengthy outburst on social media saying that the model refused to take a DNA test to determine the paternity of the daughter she is expecting. The singer also stated that he has taken legal action to resolve the case.

“The legal measures are taken through the process filed with the Jacarepaguá Family Court, even if we are not sure which of us is the father. Being a man is different from being a mere man. A man doesn’t wait for a woman to do it.” Ask for a medical examination. DNA, he is exercising his duty to request the test as it is his responsibility to a new human who could be his daughter or son. We must lead this discussion: daughters and sons are not objects of a father or mother. They are human beings with rights guaranteed by law,” he said in an excerpt from the release.

The model did not remain silent and answered the artist. Suelen explained that the father’s role no longer exists regardless of the exam results. “Whether positive or negative, you have already trashed your role! I don’t care that this public is defending something they cannot do themselves, nor that we see the absurdity that has been done to us.”