After a look up, Laís Caldas drops the lawsuit against Maíra Cardi

After a look up, Laís Caldas drops the lawsuit against Maíra Cardi

Former BBB 22 Laís Caldas, been bullied on the internet because of his looks and decided to have a cosmetic procedure to lift his eyes. The controversy grew in strength after Maíra referred to Cardi Laís as “Aquela do Olho Selvagem” on a podcast. But now the former BBB says he’s given up on suing her.

In an interview with journalist Giulia Costa, Lais Caldas explains that his team even filed a lawsuit against the influencer, but dropped the matter. Telling how she reacted to the comment, the former BBB said: “It didn’t hit me at all, my selfesteem was always there. I’m not interested in these things, but there are people who are. Well, for a public figure who says what she said… When I left the house I was silent, I even took over the process from her. My team cared, but when I left the house, I didn’t care. But just so it doesn’t happen to others, I found an opportunity to expose this so people can be less toxic.”

Laís underwent an upper blepharoplasty, which removes excess skin from the eyelids. by correcting ptosis of the right eye; and through an operation known as “fox eye” in addition to the CO2 laser to rejuvenate the face and neck. The procedure took five hours and the final result should appear within six months.

“I chose it because expression lines and drooping under my eyes have bothered me for four years. She already had procedures to improve it, but she still felt uncomfortable. That’s why I decided to do it, not because of the criticism of the internet. I’m really enjoying the result.”

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