After a long wait Candoca and Ze Paulino start dating

After a long wait, Candoca and Zé Paulino start dating in Mar do Sertão

Candoca (Isadora Cruz) was very upset when Ze Paulino (Sergio Guizé) returned after being presumed dead for many years and was now ready to do anything to change the reality of the city’s population, but it seems that this is not the only thing that will happen becomes. In the next chapters of Sertão Seathe doctor will finally date the businessman after a long wait.

Zé Paulino arrived completely changed, full of great ideas to improve the city, but if one thing hasn’t changed at all, it’s his love for Candoca, because from the moment he found her you could see that it was so not a day had passed. However, little by little we could see how much everyone had changed, especially in their lifestyle and the way they thought about some things.

Candoca demands a divorce from Tertulinho.  Source: Reproduction/Globo
Candoca demands a divorce from Tertulinho. Source: Reproduction/Globo Candoca asks for a divorce from Tertulinho. Source: Reproduction/Globo

What changed the most was the fact that Candoca was married to Tertulinho for ten years of her life, but that quickly came to an end when the doctor realized her husband’s true character and the conflict she felt with Zé Paulino and herself finally decided to ask for a divorce. . It wasn’t long before the businessman finally confessed to his exfiancé and wanted to resume the relationship between the two.

After some deliberation, Candoca finally decided to accept Zé Paulino’s testimony and the two began a relationship that viewers desired so much. The only problem the two now face is to tell Manduca (Enzo Diniz) everything that happens and hope that the child will accept the parents’ relationship.

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