After 30 years, Roberto Carlos’ partnership with businessman Dody Sirena     ends

After 30 years, Roberto Carlos’ partnership with businessman Dody Sirena ends

A partnership that the world of showbiz has sworn to last forever comes to an end. A long success story that began in 1992 when Robert Carlos rented Dody Sirena to tour the south of the country where Sirena and her partner Cicão Chies reigned as the most reliable event contractors. A partnership was born there that was not only characterized by success, but also by originality, daring, creativity and grandiose events. Roberto Carlos in JerusalemRoberto Carlos in Las Vegas and partnerships with names like Luciano Pavarotti, Jennifer Lopezamong many others.

This Tuesday, January 17, a statement sent by the King’s advisor informs of the end of the professional relationship between these two great representatives of the music and show universe. The split text clarifies that the decision is an amicable one and does not rule out future partnerships between the two, informing that “future deals between the parties will be considered on a casebycase basis.”

See firsthand what the statement says in full:

“Artist Roberto Carlos and businessman Dody Sirena and their respective companies communicate the completion of their professional and business relationships. They mutually decided to transfer career management from Roberto Carlos to the RC Group, which will run all business from here.

The parties carry out their professional activity independently, with elegance and the greatest respect that has always distinguished the partnership. The commitments and shows already signed will continue as normal and the transition to this new format will take place by October 2023.

Future deals between the parties will be considered on a casebycase basis.”

Alongside King Roberto, Dody Sirena compiles a list of great productions and countless companies, including the Brahma No. 1 held in 1994, the launch of the perfume Emoções by Racco (2008), the promotion “Nestlê em rythm of prizes Calhambeque”, the creation of the record label “Amigo” and the jewelry collection “Emoções” with Amsterdam Sauer, among other business.


The sky is the limit for gaucho Dody Sirena, who in 1979, together with his partner Chicão Chies, founded DC Set, an events and advertising company that took its first steps in Rio Grande do Sul.

Visionary and eclectic, alongside the partnership with Roberto Carlos, Dody and his partner Cicão have always marked major events such as the Planeta Atlântida Festival, concerts by Michael Jackson, U2, Julio Iglesias, the magician David Copperfield, Cold Play , Ed Sheeran, Shakira , Hary Styles, Rolling Stones, Paul MCCartney and others.

Born in Caxias do Sul, of Italian descent with a European passport, Sirena today commands an empire defined on the DC Set Group official site as “the most diverse entertainment provider in the country, made up of diverse lines of business that bring together companies related to initiatives culture and sports”.

In the Events section, the list is endless. Below is the list of projects done by Dody Sirena and his DC set with Roberto Carlos:

  • The Emoções em Alto Mar project started in 2005 with annual editions and international trips to Jerusalem and Las Vegas, in addition to an additional project in Praia do Forte, Bahia.
  • Show with Luciano Pavarotti and Roberto Carlos, 1998.
  • Show at the Estádio do Flamengo, start of the “Luz” tour, 1994.
  • The show at Aterro do Flamengo gathered 250,000 people in 2002.
  • Copacabana beach show that gathered 1 million people in 2010.
  • Appearances at Radio City Hall in New York.
  • “Elas cantam Roberto”, concert and DVD recording, 2009.
  • Exhibition Roberto Carlos 50 years, 2010.
  • “Sertaneya Emotions”, 2010.
  • Concert at the Maracanã, 2009.
  • Plot of Beija Flor in 2011.
  • Shows “Só para Mulheres”, started in 2010 and repeated for several years.
  • Further tours and international awards.

After 30 years Roberto Carlos partnership with businessman Dody Sirena

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