After 16 years Angelo Paes Leme returns to to fool

After 16 years Ângelo Paes Leme returns to to fool Sol in Vai na Fé TV

Ângelo Paes Leme, who left Globo for 16 years, will return to the station to take part in the final leg of Vai na Fé. He will play Mauro, a bad character director who will fool Sol (Sheron Menezzes) in his first clip of his solo career. The actor’s last work on Globo was the miniseries Amazonia (2007).

Ângelo who has made several works at Record including Genesis (2020) celebrated his return as audience leader on Open TV. “I came to mess up Sol’s life a bit! Thanks for the affection, Sheron Menezzes, wonderful! Cast, Crew, Very Astral Soap Opera! Thank you Paulo Silvestrini,” the actor wrote on Instagram. “Ah, it’s here, it’s here!” replied the protagonist of Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

In the storyline, which ends August 11, Sol will decide to record the music video Te Quero Bem and direct a romantic video inspired by her relationship with Ben (Samuel de Assis). The artist will shoot some scenes, but Ângelo Paes Leme’s character will use a stunt double in other parts of the clip.

The problem is that the director will do this without the approval of Sol, who will be shocked on the day of the opening event to see several sensual scenes being shown on the big screen. She interrupts the screening and yells, “Stop this clip! Stop! That’s not what we recorded! That’s not what I want!”

The two will argue and when Sol leaves the place, Mauro will sneer at the journalists present: “And you’ve already seen the first piti of the next pop star! Good luck, right? The clip is already on all platforms!”

Because of this attitude, the dancer will decide to give up her artistic career again.

Vai na Fé occupies the 7 p.m. slot in the Globo program. The telenovela will be replaced by Gustavo Reiz’s “Fuzuê”, which will be recorded at Estúdios Globo in Rio de Janeiro and is scheduled to premiere on August 14th. The series will star Giovana Cordeiro and Marina Ruy Barbosa as the young lady and villain, respectively.

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