Afghanistan: the ordeal of women since the Taliban return

Afghanistan: the ordeal of women since the Taliban return

Posted on 08/15/2022 11:29 AM Updated on 08/15/2022 11:30 AM

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In power for a year, the Taliban have significantly worsened the condition of Afghan women. In case of resistance, victims of violent repression, they live under the yoke of their male guardian.

A year after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the situation of women is worrying. Jean-Claude Samouiller, President of Amnesty International France, recalled that after their return to power there was “a wave of peaceful demonstrations led by extremely courageous women” against Taliban doctrine. “These women have been arrested, imprisoned, beaten, tortured, some have disappeared,” he explains, while the situation of women in the country has improved slightly over the past twenty years.

The most common charge is that of “moral corruption”. The term “is very vague, encompasses many things. A woman can be kidnapped, arrested overnight if her scarf is badly put on, if she goes alone”, without a guardian, specifies Jean-Claude Samouiller. It also points to the risk of a generation of victimized women with no horizons, victims of the “resurgence of early marriages” that sometimes affect girls as young as 10-13.