Advances Men and Women its over forever he refuses to

Advances Men and Women, it’s over forever: he refuses to enter the studio |

Advances Men and Women its over forever he refuses to

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The advances of men and women reveal numerous twists and turns to the public. The time will come for Riccardo and Gloria to take the reins of their bond and sort out how they feel about each other. After a long confrontation that caused a lot of dissatisfaction in the studio, the two heirs to the throne will decide to say goodbye for good, thus ending this relationship that hasn’t brought the desired results.

Also from Throne Over, Gemma will share her decision to end her relationship with the knight Agostino. After much deliberation, the Turin native will admit that the spark didn’t fly and that’s why she doesn’t want to go any further.

Advancements for men and women: the latest from the Classic Throne

Federico will be the protagonist of a special outdoor with Alice, where the two will take part together in Alessandra Amoroso’s concert. It will be the admirer who organizes this special evening with the Tronista and will receive tickets to visit together the concert of the Salento singer created by the Amici program.

Checking the studio’s appearance, Alice will admit that she has doubts about Federico. The girl will claim to have watched the episodes from home and noticed a number of things she really didn’t like that didn’t catch her during the studio recordings. Complicated situation also for Carola who, after the misunderstandings that arose during the previous recording with Federico, will refuse to take part in the new shooting and does not want to enter the studio.

Carola will throw a tantrum and threaten not to show up in the studio, so much so that the intervention of Maria De Filippi is necessary. The presenter will restore calm in the studio and make the suitor think, eventually convincing her to come in and talk face-to-face with the Tronista.

Advances Men and Women its over forever he refuses to