Adriane Galisteu congratulates Deolane after controversy

Adriane Galisteu congratulates Deolane after controversy

Adriane Galisteu congratulated Deolane Bezerra on ‘A Fazenda 2022’ (RecordTV) tonight following the controversy surrounding the Peoa family.

Before the start of the peasant test, in which the peon tries to get rid of the hot seat next to Bia and Lucas, the moderator spoke to the prisoners in Itapecerica da Serra (SP).

“We always have time to fix it, so let’s go. Pelé, it was your birthday and I didn’t congratulate you, right? So, late congratulations to you,” he said. “Really, I was pretty pissed, huh?” the farmer joked.

At Deolane’s turn, Adriane apologized and congratulated the farmer:

“Your birthday was yesterday, wasn’t it? I want to kiss you and congratulate you. And leave a tip for all the birthday people in the house, I’ll tell you: On Iran’s birthday, he sent me a piece of cake. Who would like to do the same, the mother thanks”

During the break in the program, Deolane went into the kitchen with Strawberry Shortcake and wrapped a piece of cake to deliver to Adriane.

    A Fazenda 2022: Strawberry Shortcake and Deolane bring cakes to Galisteu  Reproduction/Playplus  Reproduction/Playplus

The Farm 2022: Strawberry Shortcake and Deolane bring cakes to Galisteu

Image: Playback/Playplus


The confusion began when Danielle, Deolane’s sister, complained about the presenter following a post on her social media.

Last night, the lawyer wrote on Twitter: “To date presenter Adriane Galisteu has always congratulated all participants except Deolane, a special date like her birthday, I find it biased and I won’t shut up.”

Danielle also quoted Rodrigo Carelli, the director of rural reality, adding: “Be impartial and treat Deolane with equality. Deolane deserves respect.”

Answer by Galisteu

At dawn, Adriane Galisteu used her Instagram account to explain what had happened.

After presenting the programme, Adriane shot a series of videos and said: ‘Darling, as you can see, I’ve just come home, I’ve taken off my makeup and I’m already in my nightgown. I just made a post on my feed and I started reading some of the comments here before I went to bed. And why did I do that, right? i lose sleep But I saw a lot of people comment, ‘Oh Adriane, you didn’t congratulate Deolane'”.

After that, the presenter explained that she did not congratulate her, since she does not know the exact date of the lawyer’s birthday. “Guys, let me tell you something. I googled it and it says her birthday is June 7th. Then I went to Wikipedia and it says her birthday is November 3rd. She has a lot of dates and I don’t know which one is right,” he explained.

I didn’t like the reasoning

Solange Bezerra, mother of Deolane, did not like Adriane Galisteu’s response and also took to social networks to express her opinion.

“Galisteu says she doesn’t know Deolane’s birthday. What program does she work at? Which station? Is she watching the program?” asked Solange.

In the video sequence released in the stories, Solange continued, “Didn’t she see the beautiful cake Strawberry made for Deo today? By the way, thank you Strawberry Shortcake! Didn’t she see them together? No that I’m there for Galisteu’s congratulations… your congratulations and shit are the same!” he said.

This morning, Solange also said in the stories: “Good morning, until I could sleep yesterday, but it was very difficult because of the injustice committed by Galisteu.”