Adriana Volpe joking aside it ends badly Richard wounded in

Adriana Volpe, joking aside, it ends badly: Richard wounded in the face, the showgirl offended


The presenter from Trentino landed in the network of the popular Canale Cinque show: the devilish joke against the showgirl

Adriana Volpe joking aside it ends badly Richard wounded in

Released October 2, 2022

Adriana Wolpe in the clutches of kidding aside. To mark the 60th anniversary, the Trentino presenter was trapped by the popular Canale Cinque show Marco Durante, his agent. Also available patrick ray pugliese, Friend of former face of I Fatti Vostri. The joke started when Adriana arrived at the hotel. Here he arranged the meeting Richard, a hotel worker who pretended to be his regular admirer and a dubious poet, to say the least. When the man showed the camera to the presenter, he immediately showed clear signs of advertising. Signals that have gradually become more intrusive.

After inspecting the room with Richard, the fox met Patrick in the hotel lobby and took him to Durante’s party. Of course, the suitor took over the car and continued his embarrassing wooing. Once he asked his sweetheart if she was married. “It was me,” Adriana commented, confirming once again that it was hers marriage to Roberto Parli, Entrepreneur of Swiss origin, is over. Richard then left the two clients at Durante’s party. Back at the hotel, he changed into an elegant tuxedo, went into Adriana’s room and slipped under the bed frame.

Late that night the presenter returned hotel, without noticing Richard’s presence. So she went to bed and fell asleep. At that point, the clerk slipped out and slipped under the covers, along with Adriana, who woke up and started screaming.” And Richard, the “poet” he made? Of course he started rattling off a text. Stunned, the fox tried to flee the room but was blocked from the outside by a significantly overweight man dressed as a sumo wrestler.

Increasingly frightened and suspecting that things might take a turn for the worse, the presenter first attempted to verbally intimidate Richard (“How the f… or did you come in? Stop there), then as he advanced on the bed , she took a vase of flowers between her hands and threw it at him without centering it, then he grabbed a second vase, this time punching the suitor in the face, who was being forced to do it stop the joke and reveal how the situation with the facial injury has degenerated.

When Adriana found out she had ended up on the Scherzi a Parte network, she fell. “I’m ashamed,” she exclaimed for harming the actor. Luckily nothing serious. Joke gone wrong, patience!