Adele admits she’s in love like never before and clarifies her wedding plans with boyfriend Rich Paul: “I want more children.  I am a lady of my house”

Adele admits she’s in love like never before and clarifies her wedding plans with boyfriend Rich Paul: “I want more children. I am a lady of my house”

Adele admits shes in love like never before and clarifies

“I’ve never been in love like this. I’m obsessed with him.” With these words, singer Adele, 34, has been candid about her boyfriend Rich Paul, a 40-year-old sports agent. She said it in an interview in the UK edition of Elle magazine, in a rare public expression of affection for the singer, who has also held back personally since her secret marriage and divorce, has already been made public in 2018 with businessman Simon Konecki, father of his nine-year-old son Angelo.

Paul, for his part, has three children of his own. They are both renovating their new house and think it should offer shelter to a blended family. It won’t be for the place. It is a Spanish style mansion in Beverly Hills, California (USA). The home, designed by architect Richard Landry, known as “the king of the megamansion,” features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Adele bought it from Sylvester Stallone, its previous owner, last January. He paid $58 million.

In an interview with Elle, Adele explains that she would “definitely” marry her boyfriend. The statements come after persistent rumors of an engagement between the two, which intensified last February following the British awards ceremony, at which the singer wore an impressive ring set with a pear-shaped diamond. In the interview, the journalist asked him up to three times about this commitment. The singer sends the first two on a tangent, only to reassure the third at the end: “I’m not engaged. I only like high-end jewelry.”

2020 has been a difficult year for Adele. She and Konecki split in 2019, and then the pandemic struck. She was grieving the end of her relationship, locked in her home and suffering from anxiety attacks. In her darkest moments, she recorded voice notes of herself crying and talking to her son Angelo. Some can be heard on his album 30. “It was horrible,” he recalls. “He was circling the house like a bloody wasp.”

Little by little he came out of the hole. She committed to therapy and tried outlandish remedies like sound baths and meditation. But it worked. He also took up the sport and reconciled with his father, Mark Evans, who was absent for most of his life. He died of cancer in May 2021. Finally he fell in love.

Adele and Rich Paul first met at a party a few years ago. They became instant friends, but their relationship didn’t turn romantic until 2021. They decided to go public that same year when she sat next to him at an NBA game in July. “Luckily I love basketball,” says Adele.

The singer assures in the interview that she will “definitely” have more children with him and makes it clear that it is not a short-term project. “I want more children. I am a lady of my house and a matriarch. Also, having a stable life helps me with my music. But right now I only have Las Vegas on my mind. I want to do it damn well.” This is how the singer references the residency she would premiere in the North American city, a show where she would present her latest album. The show was canceled at the last minute in a video, in which a tearful Adele explained to the camera that it was “impossible” to start her show with “half the team” ill with Covid-19, but multiple media outlets assured at the time that the real reason was problems with her boyfriend.

“It was by far the worst moment of my career,” the artist tells the magazine. So he locked himself in his house and hid from the public. He even created a fake Twitter account to read all the criticism he received. “I was embarrassed,” Adele says. “But it actually boosted my confidence because it was such a brave thing. And I don’t think many people would have done what I did. I’m very proud of myself for living up to my artistic standards.” Finally, the artist presented her album in Hyde Park, in her first live concert in five years. The reviews were raving and now the singer has resumed her project in Las Vegas. It seems that luck is smiling on him, personally and professionally.