Adamari Lopezs energetic reaction after Toni Costas birthday greeting

Adamari López’s energetic reaction after Toni Costa’s birthday greeting

the dear driver Adamari Lopez He’s still celebrating his 51st birthday even though it was March 18th. No doubt he received countless Congratulations and below that was her ex-husband’s Tony Costa to which he had a violent reaction, as he let on.

Only on your social networks, Adamari Lopez He shared some of his celebrations, which he enjoyed in the company of his daughter Alaïa and friends, in addition to the fact that he was traveling to Puerto Rico this weekend to visit family.

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Without a doubt, the past year has changed Adamari Lopezbecause in mid-2021 he announced his separation from the Spanish dancer. Tony Costa. Since then, she has been responsible for keeping part of her life private and out of the public eye, always avoiding talking about her divorce.

Ignore Adamari Lopez? Birthday greeting from Toni Costa

although Tony Costa is in La Casa de los Famosos, he asked to send the word in full transmission of the program Congratulations to his ex-wife Adamari Lopez the day of his birthday.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my daughter’s mother, who is also celebrating her birthday today, congratulations!”

That birthday congratulations out of Tony Costa caught the public’s attention, but how did he take it Adamari Lopez? On the Hoy Día program, some of his colleagues asked him if he received greetings for his birthday, referring to the congratulation her ex-husband.

“Did you get the greetings? They wished you happy birthday”

Before the question Adamari Lopez He preferred not to answer, so he politely and bluntly ordered to go to the next capsule of the program.

“Let’s go with our dear boss Oropeza…”

Given that Adamari Lopez He made it clear he doesn’t like talking about it to avoid speculation and having conversations that could pose a problem.