Adamari Lopez shows off tight leggings and reveals her secret

Adamari López shows off tight leggings and reveals her secret to keeping her figure

Adamari Lopez has become a role model for many people who want itn lose weight Well, a few years ago, the actress and presenter set the goal lose a few pounds and live a healthy life. Now, looks slimmerso he decided to share some of them with his fans to follow his mysteries with her slim silhouette that she can model with any type of clothing, such as the tight leggings she showed off this Friday.

A few years ago, the host of today He made it his goal to lose weight because after that undergo chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer and later become a mother, I had gained a few pounds. Although she has always been regarded as one of the most beautiful celebritiesdecided the actress lose some sizes and decided to document the whole process to encourage his fans who also wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Adamari López shares secrets after losing more than 15 pounds

The Puerto Rican native left everyone gaping when she revealed that thanks to healthy eating and rigorous exercise routines, she managed to shed more than 30 pounds, which she’s now confident of losingand show off your figure in very fitted looks and insightful. Despite the fact that he took on the challenge a few months ago, López, 51, has revealed that he’s maintained his stylized silhouette by adding to his Daily routine different habits who helped her a lot.

Adamari López shows off her figure in leggings Photo: Screenshot

Adamari López shared in her account instagramwhere he has more than 8.3 million followers, Some simple tips for a healthy routinethat he has achieved with the program ww (formerly known as WeightWatchers). However, the tips he publishes are so simple that anyone can incorporate them into their lifestyle, not only people who want to lose weight but also those who want to feel good during the day.

The actress, who became known in Mexico with telenovelas like “Amigas y Rivales”, published among others Kitchen sink in which he advises to eat healthy snacks, drink plenty of water during the day and of course to practice, But unlike other recommendations, Adamari pointed out that just four days a week is enough. With these tips, the Telemundo star continues to encourage his millions of fans to adopt good habits and achieve their goal of losing weight.

In the small clip, the driver shows a sporty outfit tight leggings with top, both in green, which highlights her tanned skin. With this outfit Adamari Lopez She confirms that the whole process of losing weight has brought results, because she has not only a stylish figure, but also a flat and toned stomach. In the publication, many of her friends and fans left her complimentary comments, recognizing her beauty and applauding her discipline.

Adamari López has maintained her figure since losing weight IG @adamarilopez


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